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How to Raise a Good Human in a Digital World
Real tips for teaching character to kids of all ages using media and tech.  By Sierra Filucci
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6 Tax Tips for Family Caregivers.
Here are some helpful tips.




WELLNESS TALK at SpiriTrust Lutheran
The Wellness Talk, more information coming soon. Stay Tuned!

There’s so much breaking news each day, how do I teach my kids to weed through the facts and fiction?  Learn about this topic. 


5 Social Media Rules for Teens and Tweens
Social media is a way of life for many teens and even some tweens. Here are five rules to share with your kids before they start posting, uploading, or sharing online.

Observing Lent? Try a team approach

Lent begins on March 1. This year, consider approaching this holy season as a “marriage team.” You and your spouse don’t have to give up–or do–the same things, but you can actively support each other. Here are some ideas to grow in holiness as a couple.

St. Luke Evangelical Lutheran Church has a companion congregation, the Kandete Parish, in the Konde Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania.  Recently they inaugurated a new program, Rise Up Esther Program, focused on numerous women’s issues  ranging from reproduction health, malnutrition, Cervical Cancer awareness, and gender harassment. To learn more about our sisters and brothers in Tanzania click here.