Welcome to St. Luke Faith Formation. Faith Formation includes the practices and opportunities – such as praying, worshiping, learning, celebrating, and serving – that engage an entire community in lifelong Christian formation and ongoing spiritual growth.  We invite you to explore all of the Learning Tiles enhance and support your faith, including families and the church community.

Sunday morning classes – 8:45 AM

Adult Faith Formation Forum – a potpourri of contemporary topics, faith-based learning and discussion series are shared throughout the year.

Adult Faith Formation Class – continues to gather, study and converse about scripture and current events.  Weekly we engage in thought-provoking questions. Everyone is welcome to join in the study and conversation in Fellowship Hall. 

Shining Stars – a weekly adult Bible Study gathering that utilizes the Augsburg Adult Bible Studies Quarterly series.

Primary Youth – preschoolers through fifth graders explore the sparkhouse publishing series “holy moly” through videos, Bible reading and hands-on activities. Every Holy Moly lesson follows a four-part sequence: Discover, Relate, Connect, and Create. Each week, kids watch an animated Bible story video, talk about the story, read their Bible Storybook or Bible, and try a creative leaflet activity.

Secondary Youth – sixth through twelfth graders gather two times per month to study Luther’s Small Catechism. Alternate Sundays are held at St. Luke or Panera where youth explore a variety of contemporary topics.

Cross-generational programs are held throughout the year on Sunday mornings at 8:45 a.m. combining all generations as we share seasonal programs and explore spiritual topics for all generations.

Seasonal Bible studies are shared during the week especially during the seasons of Advent and Lent. Pastor Frye and folks of St. Luke also share a Bible study two times a month on Thursday mornings at the Fleck Center on the campus of SpiriTrust Luther Ridge.

Book Discussion Groups

Beyond the Book – book discussions – multiple formats, including a series of weekly meetings, and book genre are scheduled several times each year.  Examples of books read and discussed are: The Color of Water; Sharing Food, Discovering Grace; The Cost of Discipleship; and the Mountains Echoed.

Third Monday Conversation  – book discussions on a variety of genre that gathers the third Monday of each month in the church library at 10 AM. Currently the group is exploring together Fr. Richard Rohr’s Immortal Diamond: The Search for Our True Self.

Retreats & Workshops

Advent Retreat – Usually held on the Saturday morning following Thanksgiving, this half day on site retreat has been lead most recently by the Franciscan Sisters of Tau Hermitage.  This has provided an ecumenical opportunity to spend time apart in quiet and reflective listening, prayer and meditation in the face of our culture’s frenetic activity.

Lent Retreat – Similar to the Advent Retreat in description, this half day on site retreat is designed to help the participant to enter into the season of Lent with a grounded heart and mind centered on the Passion of Christ.

St. Luke Family Retreat – Members and friends of all generations gather at a local camp to explore timely topics of spirituality, share fellowship, games, worship, food and fun for the weekend. Retreats are traditionally held every other year.

Women’s Retreats – A time for women of all ages to gather, explore a Biblical topic, and through conversation become more meaningfully acquainted with one another through fellowship, conversation and around the table sharing . Traditionally scheduled every other year or as individuals request.

Catechesis Instruction – Available for students grades six through senior high. Tailored to individual students and families’ needs and desires. Our informal curriculum includes semimonthly Sunday morning instruction sessions during Faith Formation Gatherings at 8:45 a.m.; monthly post worship conversations; and a variety of family and cross-generational educational and recreational gatherings.

Youth Groups

KFC (Kids For Christ) – ages first through fifth or sixth grade – meet approximately once a month during the academic year for faith formation through devotions, hands- on activities, service, recreation and fun. Activities include, but are not limited to, bowling; preparing gifts for shut-ins; bowling; making quick breads for hospice; and enjoying a family movie and discussion. New faces and friends are always welcome!

SLY – (St. Luke Youth) – grades six through senior high meet periodically throughout the year for faith formation through devotions, hands-on activities, service, recreation and fun. Join us as we Christmas carol; spend an overnight at the church; miniature golf; hike; prepare hospice breads and Christmas gifts for shut-ins; and prepare for the triennial ELCA Youth Gatherings. New faces and friends are always welcome!

Young Adults – Campus Connection – outreach ministry with our college and students post high school enrolled in an advanced program. Post-secondary school students’ names are gathered and periodic care packages and communications are shared to stay in touch with our young adults